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This podcast contains random security topics discussed by the Secure Ideas team. Tune in for new content every month!

Dec 23, 2014

James and Kevin discuss a few of the events this year (breaches and otherwise), the release of Samuari 3.0 and some up-coming events.   

Aug 18, 2014

Is the idea of penetration testing evolving or is it staying the same?   What is the goal of a penetration test?  Does it differ by client?   James and Kevin discuss penetration testing and how it is changing. 

When it comes to reporting, what data do you include, how do you represent it, and who is your audience? ...

Jul 11, 2014

We are not lawyers but want to make you aware of some of the laws that exist around data breaches.  Sometimes these laws pop up with very little media coverage and you have no idea.  

Mar 31, 2014

James and Kevin talk about the new office in Jacksonville, FL.  Some rambling about setting it up and how we like it.   Not so technical.. but exciting for us.

Feb 11, 2014

James and Kevin discuss the idea of Exploitation and its importance in the testing methodology.  Join them for a witty conversation about one of the favorite phases of the process.